ingar zach - percussion martin küchen - saxophone & pocket radio nikos veliotis -cello & video




looper’s unique combination of floating sounds and multilayred abstract visuals provides the spectator with a suspended intermedia environment to sink in, dislocating him from the casual perception of time and space.



"Looper is the sound in the boilerroom.The barytonesax of
Martin Küchen is an extension of the pipesystem of the Munchen
brewery(where the venue is located), and it sounds like a waterpipe.The
percussionist Ingar Zach touch is enviously light.In this music you also can find chords!
It's majorchords, but consists of only two notes, whereas one comes from the
cello of Nikos Veliotis and the other from the sax.
A Kaspar Hauser music; far-off from the noise of Hornsgatan//a busy
Street//, but still so close."

Av Hanna Hoglund for Nerikes Allehanda


s q u a r e h o r s e’ CD 2004 absurd

'MASS' DVD 2007 esquilo rec

'Dying Sun CD 2010 Another Timbre / Cathnor